September 14, 2015

new jewelry shop name

You may notice I have changed one of my Etsy shop names from JKistlerStudios to GraniteMountainGems2. I have decided to sell both lines of jewelry (my minimalist gemstone jewelry and my original nature designs in silver) under the name Granite Mountain Gems from now on. I was looking for a change and I have felt very at home with that name for my minimalist jewelry shop, so I took the leap. Etsy says that old links will continue to work, so don't hesitate to click on those bookmarked or pinned pieces. Or you can go straight to that shop under it's new name. Admittedly I haven't added many new pieces to that shop recently, but I will be getting back to working on the silver jewelry. Several popular designs I want to restock, and of course there are always new ideas to try!

Speaking of Granite Mountain, here are my favorite photos I have managed to get of it this year (taken with my iPhone 5c). I especially love the sunbeams shining from behind the cloud over the mountain, talk about being in the right place at the right time as I drove through the neighborhood! (yes, I stopped safely to take the picture!) That one felt like a special gift.

Granite Mountain at sunset, seen from Willow Lake July 22

Granite Mountain at sunset, seen from Watson Lake July 14

Granite Mountain in evening, seen from my neighborhood August 15

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