September 15, 2014

monsoon season

thunderhead forming
This is my second monsoon season in Arizona, and I think this one has been much wetter than last year (which around here is a good thing). It raised one of our local lakes by many feet, completely covering all the old water lines we have been able to see ever since we moved here. It is a superior alternative to the long, dark, rainy Northwest winters I was used to. I like the rain, and the thunderstorms are fantastic (something I never thought I'd say, I was scared terrified of the few little thunderstorms we had when I was growing up). And as a bonus, I get to look forward to a cool but sunny winter. A win-win!

During monsoon season, the clouds don't move in from somewhere else, they form here, before your very eyes if you're outside long enough. They create skies that may be gray, but are beautiful in their own way. But don't think the whole season is cloudy; it alternates between this and hot sunny days, which makes for a good variety.

first day of real monsoon clouds this year

monsoon season sky at sunset

another monsoon season sky at sunset

Steven playing in the rain (I joined him after this photo)

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