August 20, 2014

the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Welcome back! After taking a break from my blog this summer, I am looking forward to sharing some photos and art in the coming weeks. My boys are back in school and I am returning to the school year routine around here.

The last Friday before school started, we decided to drive up to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It was stunning, vast, and everything I expected it to be. It is so big it's hard to even comprehend what you're looking at. The layers of rock were intriguing. While we spent far more time on the buses than I would have preferred (we did the long route to the west), we were able to get out and see the Canyon from several viewpoints. We visited in the middle of a gorgeous sunny day (with some scattered clouds that occasionally created interesting shadows), which was pleasant but did wash out the view some. So I know these aren't the most spectacular photos of the Grand Canyon, but they are mine! (all but the small one and the elk photo were taken with my DSLR camera, no editing except to crop and resize.)

On our way back, we ate dinner in the historic Route 66 town of Williams, so I can add that to my list of Route 66 places visited, cool! We ate in a vintage car-themed diner, and then browsed the gift shop next door where I found a Grand Canyon photo plate for the front of my truck (now that we live in Arizona where cars only have rear plates, it was an empty spot, and I finally found something I wanted to put there).

The Grand Canyon (south rim)

we saw several young elk along the road south of the Grand Canyon

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