March 18, 2014

goodbye winter, welcome spring

early spring blossoms
Here in Prescott, Arizona we seem to have had an unusually mild and short winter. Which really was disappointing, though I wouldn't trade it for what much of the country has suffered (my sympathies to you all!). When it snowed in early December, we spent a mind-numbing amount of time in the CAL Ranch store for the boys to pick out good snow boots. No cold uninsulated rain boots for them this winter, they were going to play in the multiple snows we expected in comfort! And then... They never came. All I can say is, I hope we bought the boots big enough that they will fit next winter.

Since my last post, I have been busy with stuff like taking care of sick kiddos (for a total of two weeks between them, ugh), then guiding them through multiple large school projects, attending their science fair and then heritage day, and trying to wind down over Spring Break. Never have we needed Spring Break so badly as we did this year!

dramatic sky just before our only real spring rain so far

same time as photo above, looking another direction

on Aspen Creek Trail, love the tall trees up there!

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