September 24, 2013

when an oregonian moves to arizona

clouds forming in afternoon
A lighthearted look at when an Oregonian moves to Arizona... Or at least, this Oregonian!

Oregonian-in-Arizona problems:

feel guilty recycling bottles and cans, like I'm throwing out 5 cents every time

there are two health food stores in town and I still can't find some things I'm used to buying 

trying to explain to friends back in Oregon that from spring-to-fall we are on the same time, and fall-to-spring we are an hour ahead (AZ, I love you for not doing daylight savings!)

look outside and see that it's raining, assume it must be cold (summer. no, I will not need that sweatshirt. rainboots might not be a bad idea, though, but they look weird with shorts.)

look outside and see that it's sunny, assume it must be warm (winter. at 5300 ft. where Prescott is, it gets cold, but that's okay, because it is sunny. oh, yeah!)

forgetting to calculate sales tax when considering a purchase

missing Fred Meyer stores

wondering why grocery stores don't stock more apples (is that a northwest thing?)

Things I find myself saying:

"wow, look! it's raining! cool" (in surprised, happy voice. say whaaat?)

"the hills look different. oh, they're green now!" (late summer.)

"come in here! there's two bunnies outside and breakfast is ready!"

free entertainment for an Oregonian-in-Arizona:

summer thunderstorms

all the different animals

the people who use an umbrella between the parking lot and store when it's lightly raining and 80 degrees outside

the aisle of summer stuff in Walgreen's labeled "Beach" (really? where?)

free entertainment for Arizonans watching an Oregonian-in-Arizona:

one of us saying, "ooh look! a lizard! it's so cuuute!"

"hey, a road runner, awesome!"

"quail!" (squeal!)

(I'm sure we sound like such tourists when we're in public)

us pointing and laughing at the above-mentioned signage in Walgreen's (yes, that was probably obnoxious of us)

low clouds and light rain over the grasslands

heavy rain during a September monsoon

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