August 22, 2013

summertime means old cars

cool flame paintjob
Summer means old cars are out around here. Actually, it is sunny so much of the year, car enthusiasts can enjoy their special rides (even convertibles and ones with no side windows) almost year-round, which is how we ended up here. Really? you ask. Yup. We only knew about Prescott because my parents knew about Prescott (and then moved here) and told us about it. And they knew about Prescott because my dad is really into old cars, and he has several buddies (whom he met at various car shows and through other friends over the years) who live here.

So I suppose it's fitting that we should attend the Watson Lake Car Show this August. I've been to so many car shows over my lifetime (and participated in a few when I had my 1967 Mustang) that I almost don't care anymore. Almost. I still manage to find cars to get excited about seeing! Guess it's in my blood. Although it was quite hot (and I was glad my family didn't insist on staying all day), we saw a neat variety of vintage automobiles. We had fun picking what to vote for (for people's choice awards). And in the vendor area, Steven found a couple Hot Wheels he had wanted to add to his collection (that's what he's holding in the photo below).

my boys next to my dad's roadster

love the metallic forest green on this pickup...

...and it had a really neat stained-glass rear window

I'll always love the Mustangs!

car with stunning paintjob and decal honoring the 19 Hotshots

neat old log truck

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