August 26, 2013

summertime means lizards

close-up of Arizona Whiptail Lizard photo by Jennifer Kistler 2013
Summer means lots of lizards around here. There are a couple that hang around our front porch, startling me as they scurry under the small bushes when I walk by, or sunning themselves on the posts (and one also likes to cling to a window screen in the sun). One occasionally walks across our back covered deck/porch and disappears over the edge. One day I had the hose running to fill up a bucket so the kids could refill their water guns easily, and we noticed one of the pretty striped lizards nearby. We all stood still and he walked right under me and started drinking water that was on the stepping stone. I slowly moved away and got my camera.

We think the lizards are really cool. The little creatures that live in or visit our yard are almost like having pets that we don't have to take care of, which is awesome! (Except the dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpions. They are really not welcome here.)

Arizona Whiptail Lizard drinking water off stone photo by Jennifer Kistler copyright 2013
thirsty lizard in our back yard

Arizona Whiptail Lizard photo by Jennifer Kistler 2013 Prescott AZ
Arizona Striped Whiptail Lizard

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