July 3, 2013

summer so far

little lizard outside studio window
Our summer so far has not been busy in the sense of scheduled activities (and I like it that way). Mostly it has been pretty mellow which is so very welcome! Ahhh. But life manages to be distracting anyway, so my blog has been quiet. The end of May, I was preoccupied with all the stuff that the end of a school year brings with it. Then in June we lost two computers within 24 hours (thankfully I only lost my email). We're back up and running now, but I'm having to learn Windows 8 and Photoshop Elements 11 (after Windows XP for many years, and my beloved PSE 5) which is, uh, interesting. I was only planning to learn Dreamweaver this year. Guess it will keep my brain young!

Summer so far has been different, to put it one way! It has included:  Above-historical-average temperatures, with most of sunny June in the 90s and some 100+ degree days. Father's Day morning exploring Granite Basin (want to go back when it's cooler). The Doce Fire, which once it spread was only about 5 miles from our neighborhood. A scorpion in the garage (thankfully dead from the perimeter of pest spray, but still creeps me out!). Kids playing Minecraft. And LEGOs. And water gun fights. And watching the first thunderstorm of the season, which was exciting, but followed shortly by the tragic news that almost our entire local Hot Shot crew was killed in another area fire (these guys, and all the other firefighters, are heroes to our town especially after the Doce Fire).

We are still seeing lizards, bunnies, and quail outside (and occasionally a road runner, so cool!). And apparently, even when you're 10 and 12, bubbles are still a lot of fun when it's hot and you're bored!

one day the boys took turns making bubbles...

...and catching bubbles

the wild bunny that still delights us every day

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