July 23, 2013

red rocks of sedona

Bell Rock near Sedona Arizona
Bell Rock (near Sedona, Arizona)
There are some great places to explore not far from Prescott. One day this May, we drove to Sedona. I have long wanted to go to Sedona (years before moving here was ever a thought!), so it was a welcome day trip.

We were enchanted with each new rock formation we saw on the way to Sedona. We oohed and ahhed every time we turned a corner! It was stunning. So different than anything I have ever seen.

Uptown Sedona reminded me of a crowded seaside town on a summer weekend, but without the fog or beach nearby. We weren't there to browse the shops (at least not this time), so no matter. We got over to the west side of town and ate lunch at Picazzo's. I'll tell you, I look forward to eating there again next time we visit, yum! (the meat ball appetizer is delicious, and the berry-licious salad is the best salad I have ever eaten!)

driving up to Sedona

Next we drove out Dry Creek Rd. We walked a little of the trail below the north side of Capitol Butte (if I have my rocks right!). We examined rocks, spotted a lovely butterfly, and noticed the dirt is like red sand. Then we drove farther out into Boynton Canyon to see more beautiful views.

Steven and I examining rocks (near Capitol Butte)

Boynton Canyon near Sedona AZ nature photograph copyright Jennifer Kistler 2013
one of many wonderful views in Boynton Canyon

But just looking at these great rocks wasn't enough for some of my family, Steven wanted to really get up on one, or he wasn't going to be happy! We did go to Sedona for the rocks, so we went back to the parking area at Bell Rock on our way out of town. The guys hiked partway up Bell Rock while I waited and watched from below. We plan to go back at another time of year when it is not so hot, and do it again.

the guys partway up Bell Rock

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