May 14, 2013


small cactus blooming
Lately, I've been...

Noticing things are turning green here! And blooming!

Diving into Dreamweaver. Finally. Was going to do that last year, but life happened. Using the redesign of a long-time client's web site as guinea pig. My self-taught raw HTML code skills were way out of date. Excited to learn to do it the "right way". Learning CSS also (about time!).

Watching Arrow. (of all the shows my husband is into, this is the only one I really like.)

Finishing reading Through Forest and Stream by Duane Yarnell (c. 1949) with my boys. Good outdoor adventure book, great ending.

Looking forward to summer vacation. Planning some things we might do, such as this creative journaling class for kids (because I like my boys to do some creative stuff, but I'm not good at making it happen). Thinking about instituting a daily schedule to balance the kids' activities (especially regarding chores, screen time, quiet time). 

Working on some personal craft/scrapbook projects. Very therapeutic. I am doing One Little Word this year. I signed up late, so I'm working on the current month's project along with a previous month's project until I'm caught up. My word this year is Restore. I liked the idea of OLW when I heard of it a few years ago, but never did it before.

Enjoying how the sunlight filters through the leafy branches of our large backyard tree in the afternoon.

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