March 16, 2013

this week...

part of the DaVinci exhibit
This week was spring break for my boys. Was nice to have a break from the school schedule. We would also be recovering from the time change, but thankfully here in Arizona we don't observe daylight savings! Wow, such a relief. Always took me weeks to adjust (I told you I don't do change well!).

This week found us:

walking a small portion of a trail at Watson Lake (beautiful, see below)

browsing in art galleries and shops in old downtown Prescott (lots of great stuff!)

seeing lots of birds in our yard; small winter birds like juncos, plus doves and quail (they finally figured out we don't have dogs like the previous owners and must have told all their friends!)

enjoying warm sunny weather

discovering that basic horse riding patterns (figure 8, serpentine, small circles at every corner, etc.) can keep boys busy riding bikes in the driveway

venturing into the big city of Phoenix for the first time (didn't get lost! love the abundant palms and eucalyptus trees!)

marveling at all the brilliance from one mind in the Leonardo DaVinci exhibit at the Arizona Science Center

Watson Lake (the other main lake in the Granite Dells)

my boys and I (this is where I sat to take the picture above this one)

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