March 30, 2013

spring comes no matter where you are

honey bee in the tree blossoms
After a strange and tumultuous winter, it is good to know that spring comes. No matter where you are. It may come sooner or later, or in different ways, but it comes.

We're starting to feel more settled here. Doesn't feel like we're still moving in anymore. Yet as spring approached, I was feeling a bit sad that I would miss the neighbor's flowering cherry tree that had grown very large and overhung the fence of our backyard. Its lovely pink blossoms were a cheery sight every spring. Moving into a house in winter (which we've done twice now) means you have no idea what the yard will look like other times of the year, so it is an adventure in itself! Especially when you're not even familiar with what grows in the area. Imagine my delight when one day I looked outside and realized the two little mystery trees (one in the front yard, one in the back) were starting to blossom! A few days later they were in full spring glory and buzzing with honey bees.

spring in our Arizona backyard
Get out and enjoy the signs of spring, wherever you are! Wishing everyone a blessed Easter!

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