March 1, 2013

snow in the desert

dusting of snow on the Granite Dells
Prescott, Arizona sits at around 5300 ft elevation (give or take, depending on what part of town you're in). So it is considered "high desert", and gets snow multiple times during the winter. That seems to be most of the winter precipitation (plants here have to survive a cold, dry winter). The great thing is, it doesn't last so long that you get sick of it. Pretty soon, it's back to your regularly-scheduled Arizona sunshine.

My boys think it is so funny that it has snowed more times in the first two months we've been here than it ever did in a whole winter where we used to live in Oregon in the Willamette Valley. (Eastern Oregon, on the other hand, gets plenty of snow, but they've never seen that.) Just goes to show that latitude isn't everything!

Enjoying the biggest of the recent snows:

our backyard (someone years ago must have known I'd need some evergreen
trees to feel at home! most yards in this neighborhood do not have so many)
the snow wasn't wet enough for building snowmen, but they had fun anyway!

this snow couldn't pack into very hard snowballs (safer that way!)

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