February 27, 2013

really big rocks

I've posted before about how much I like rocks, well, our whole family seems to like rocks. From grainy gray rocks picked up along the beach to glittering gemstones, we like them all! And as it happens, we moved to a place with plenty of rocks, including some that are great to hike around and on. At least until the weather warms up enough that we will worry about rattlesnakes (ugh! not looking forward to that part).

The Granite Dells in Prescott are my favorite feature here so far. There are trails going through and over the large masses of weathered granite rocks around the nearby lakes. Today, I just wanted to share some more photos from walking around Willow Lake (you can see a few more in my previous post).

my boys (I think this is my favorite photo I've taken here so far!)

around every turn, another hill of rocks

the adventurer

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