February 19, 2013

coming to Arizona

saguaro cactus (leaving Phoenix)
A new year, a new life... That's how many of us view the transition into a new year and that's why we make all those resolutions. But for us, it didn't take a resolution, and we really did get a new life. It did take a heroic effort on my husband's part, packing most of our stuff and driving many miles. And help from friends (thank you!!).

See, we ended up moving between 2012 and 2013. Yes, it's almost like there was a gap between last year and this, between there and here. I know it's February now, and I had wanted to post our journey step by step as it went, but I just couldn't get it together. Part of it was maybe the emotional aspect of it. I don't do change very well, and while I am confident this is what we were meant to do, it is sometimes difficult to come to terms with such a sudden, big change.

For us, it all started with my parents moving down to Prescott, Arizona. Originally, tickets were bought a few months ahead to fly down for Christmas Break, then fly back home. Due to various circumstances, we found ourselves open to new directions in life, and planned to "check it out" while we were there visiting. Originally, we thought if we moved, it should be at the end of the school year. Then things just fell into place for us to seriously consider moving sooner than later. So we decided at the last minute that the kids and I would stay so they could get started in a new school, and my husband would fly back to pack and drive down with our stuff. My biggest concern was uprooting the kids, but they handled it well, even though I know it wasn't easy. I quickly packed some stuff that I knew my husband would not want to mess with, cried several times in the midst of packing, and we left Oregon on a dark and rainy morning.

I was hoping for once, after all these years of living in Oregon, that I could see Crater Lake (at least from a plane) as we flew south, but Oregon was shrouded in clouds. What I hadn't considered seeing was the Grand Canyon. That was very exciting! I was glad I noticed it out the window, the pilot didn't even announce it (they don't do that anymore?). My camera wasn't handy, otherwise you'd be subjected to terrible from-the-plane shots of it! But just wait, the Grand Canyon is on our list of nearby places we want to go hopefully this year, as it's only a couple hours away. What I will share today are a few of my photos from the first days we did some sight-seeing in the area.

antelope near Chino Valley

scenery on the winding mountain road to Jerome

Obviously work in my studio has been interrupted. I had to put my Etsy shop on vacation mode right before Christmas, but it is open again now. I am currently trying to figure out the last part of arranging everything in the studio area in a way that works for me, then I will be back to work. In the meantime, I will be sharing more about our move and our new experiences.

a January sunrise

Top photo: taken from the car on our drive up to Prescott from the airport in Phoenix. (we don't have saguaro cactus here in Prescott, the elevation is too high)

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