February 25, 2013

adventures on pinterest

I finally decided to join Pinterest last fall after reading most of an article about it in a business magazine while waiting at the bank. Not sure what that says about me, but I'm okay with that, I'm just glad something convinced me to take the leap! I think Pinterest is my favorite social media now. I know lots of people love Pinterest, but it is absolute paradise for a scanner! (if you don't know what a scanner is, read this article, and if you think you are one, I can tell you from experience you may want this book) The sheer variety of information and eye candy gathered in one place just waiting to be discovered makes me giddy! It's like getting all different sorts of magazines every day, only without the big price tag (and recycle pile!). Ohmygosh, totally love that!!

So far I have mostly repinned stuff I've found on Pinterest, as well as sharing my favorite finds from Etsy for others to discover. I enjoy the beautiful nature photos, craft ideas, home decorating and organizing ideas in my feed these days. Tons of good ideas and inspiration, and humor too. Pinterest really is an amazing compilation of great things from around the internet, around the world. Feel free to visit my boards. If you want, leave a link to your Pinterest profile in the comments. I'd love to stop by and see what you've found!

My friend Heidi is doing a great challenge this year, she is trying several things from Pinterest each week (crafts, recipes, etc.) and blogging about them. I'm having fun following her adventure. Now I need to get with it and try some of the recipes I've pinned!

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite recent finds on Pinterest:

(Sorry, there was a cool nature photo here, but the link is no longer working. Check out my Pinterest board of Nature Images for more.)

Love this studio! Especially the table. 
Unfortunately, I don't have quite enough room in my studio for a table like this. My husband was going to build me a narrower one, but then we snagged a cute table at a thrift store for $25. We'll see how it works. Would love to have the storage on each end, though, so maybe someday!

Kitchen Command Center. Great idea for home organization. I am definitely going to do this! (not sure why the image is no longer working, but the link is, so check it out!)

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