February 22, 2013

a decade of good memories is a good thing!

feeling "at home" takes time: part 2

In my previous post, I talked about the quality of "feeling at home" as it relates to a house. There certainly is another aspect to that quality, reaching beyond our own walls, out into our circle of friends and acquaintances, the community, and the physical environment.

I have to admit that there are so many people I miss from our previous town in Oregon. During 11+ years in one town (10 in the same house and neighborhood) we had accumulated a lot of people we liked, from church, school, my husband's workplaces, and activities. I also must admit I carry a burden of sadness on behalf of my boys, for the wonderful friends they left behind. (Perhaps more than I should, I think some of it is parental guilt over uprooting one's children, but I am so empathetic I can't seem to help it.) And I miss seeing their parents, and teachers also, many of whom felt like family. We were blessed to be part of a terrific community at the Christian school just around the corner from our house. We were also part of a good church, met some terrific people (instructors and students both) where we took taekwondo classes for four years, and couldn't have asked for better neighbors.

Having spent my whole life to this point in the Pacific Northwest, I was totally used to all the green grass and trees. Living in Salem, it was great to drive only an hour to the Pacific Ocean at Lincoln City (or Silver Falls in the other direction). Water was never a huge issue in the Northwest, so we enjoyed trying to keep a nice yard and planted trees I was planning to enjoy for many years as they grew. (that lawn I didn't give a rip about? yeah, I kinda miss it!)

I tell my husband it was hard to leave because of all the friends and memories we made there, and he reminds me that is a good thing. Having a decade of good memories is a good thing! We've been gone just long enough it is already a little difficult to remember the things I didn't like. We haven't been here quite long enough to feel at home yet. I sometimes feel caught between the old and the new. I love "feeling at home" in my life, so I just can't wait to have that here (guess I am not so patient).

We'll keep exploring our environment, discovering different things we like here, meeting new people, figuring out our routines again, making our house feel like ours. As we do that, I will keep sharing those happy discoveries, beautiful vistas, and fun new memories! Perhaps we're the lucky ones, we get to experience yet another amazing (though vastly different) part of the world, and expand our circle of friends.

Willow Lake at the boat launch
My favorite land feature here is the weathered granite rock that is scattered around town, and concentrated in what is called the Granite Dells, which are not far from our neighborhood. Among the rocks are a few lakes. When you drive around the area, you think you're seeing all the rocks, but when you're really among them on a trail, you realize there is a far larger, seemingly endless, expanse of them. These photos don't do them justice, I will keep working on that!

granite rocks near Willow Lake

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