February 15, 2012

how to start your day

Just wanted to share a nature photo today... This is a gorgeous sunrise I caught last month. The sky changes so quickly in the morning, I literally ran to get the camera, lest I miss the chance! This is looking out our back door, over the neighbor's rooftop. Our house is situated so I can see the sunrise as I fix breakfast, if I am up at the right time. That tree was very late to lose its leaves, especially with the mild fall and winter, you can still see some hanging on. I love how the soft texture of the clouds created waves of color across the sky.

February 13, 2012

sneak previews

fine silver handmade plumeria flower earrings with pink opal by Jennifer Kistler
plumeria earrings
Today I want to share a few sneak previews with you! At left is a pair of earrings with my plumeria (AKA frangipani) flower, paired with pale pink opal stone beads. They will be part of the auction this spring for the wonderful school my children attend. They include Argentium Sterling Silver leverbacks, which are secure and easy to use. Argentium is a special formulation of Sterling Silver that is more tarnish resistant, much like the fine silver I use to make my charms and pendants. If these interest you, I hope to get more plumeria earrings completed this spring so I can add some to my Etsy shop!

Below is proof I've been getting something done in the studio! This is a preview of necklaces I will be listing this week in my Etsy shop. From upper left, they are: rearing wild pony pendant on brown leather cord, small plumeria flower charm (like the ones on earrings above) with pearl, stylized trotting Arabian horse on rolo chain, romance necklace with light green Swarovski crystals, OOAK hammered cross on black leather, and trotting horse on black leather. I'm especially excited to offer the cross, it was created entirely from scratch by hand (no template) and sat here partly done for a long time, I finally got it finished up. I may create a template to make similar ones in the future. I'm also glad to get the trotting horse (full image, not just head/neck) back in stock, as they all sold out during the Christmas season.

new artisan jewelry coming to my Etsy shop
what's new

And, here's what I spent a good part of last Friday doing... stamping my jewelry boxes. About 150 of them. I was running low, and once I got started, I decided to just stamp every single one I have in stock. When you're on a roll, why stop?!

boxes ready to fill!

February 3, 2012

it's February xoxo

textured OOAK fine silver heart pendant with black Spinel beads handmade artisan necklace
heart necklace, black Spinel beads
It's February... It must be time for red and pink hearts everywhere! Ahh yes, Valentine's Day is coming. I admit I'm a bit of a romantic, and have added some new pieces to my Etsy shop that prove it. There are hearts that are a little bit bold, a little bit sweet, some are more passionate and some are more dark. My Romance necklaces are perfect for a special date. Go check them out!

Yesterday I finished the piece shown. It features one of my woodgrain hearts that I textured by hand, strung with black Spinel beads. Black Spinel has always intrigued me and I finally got to work with some. Spinel is a natural stone that comes in many colors, a color similar to ruby probably being the most known. In fact, many so-called rubies, including the Black Prince's Ruby and the Timur Ruby of the British Crown Jewels, are actually Spinel. Until recent times, they were easily confused. I love the look of black Spinel. It is opaque jet black, and when faceted, it has an awesome sparkle. Some Spinel on the market is luster-coated for extra sheen, but I prefer the natural beauty which is quite amazing. It was fun to combine these sparkly hand-cut beads with the textured heart pendant, I think the result has a bit of glam and a bit of edgy style to it.