December 5, 2012

december progress and making calendar gifts

photo of rainbow over the Columbia River
rainbow over the Columbia River
December is feeling a bit chaotic here. I have a bunch of great jewelry pieces in progress that I need to work on much more before they're finished, and I really wanted to add them to my Etsy shop in time for  Christmas shopping (we'll see!). I'm also doing computer work for a couple clients (graphics, web site updating, which I do a little of on the side). Plus other assorted household happenings, such as driving several hours each way last weekend to pick up a washer and dryer that are newer and nicer than our old ones (my parents are moving and don't need them at their new house).

At least I can say most of my Christmas gift "shopping" is done, though! Rather, gift making. For the last several years, I have made calendars with photos of my kids as gifts for relatives who enjoy them, and I recently finished the page layouts. I'm just waiting for the prints to come back now. I make them digitally (like most my scrapbook pages), have them printed as 8x8 inch photos, mount them on cardstock, and create a base so it stands on a desk or shelf. I use two binder rings at the top to allow the pages to be flipped.

The great thing about creating digitally is I can design each month's page once, and have as many copies printed as I need. It's a fun project! If you've wanted to do this, or done them paper scrapbooking style and got burned out making multiple sets, I highly recommend it. If you don't want to do any assembly, you can have traditional wall-hanging calendars made from your designs as well (check your choice of printing service for formats before designing your pages). I use an old version of Photoshop Elements to create my digital layouts. Digital elements are PC and Mac compatible and can be purchased from many digital scrapbooking suppliers online. My layouts are being printed by Scrapping Simply. I recently switched to them for printing my 12x12 layouts and photo greeting cards, and I am very pleased with their quality! Below is the December page layout from this year's calendar (supplies listed at bottom of post).

calendar Christmas gift project example December 2012 page digital scrapbooking by Jennifer Kistler
scrapbook calendar page December 2012

photo of Columbia River Cathlamet Bay Tongue Point Oregon copyright 2012 Jennfier Kistler
view from my childhood home, on our last visit over the weekend
such typical northwest winter weather!

digital calendar layout supplies used on December 2012 page: Brush Set Life In Action Calendars 2012 Set 1 (Pebbles Jones), Photo Masks Rough It Up (Ang Campbell), Mod Bungalow papers (Brandy Hackman), all from ScrapGirls.

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