November 12, 2012

a holiday shopping thank you!

colorful closeup of autumn leaves on a tree next door photo by Jennifer Kistler copyright 2012
the autumn leaves next door
Last weekend I participated in a local sales event at our church. I haven't done many in-person events with my jewelry, so I was happy for this opportunity that only involved setting up on a table indoors. Much simpler than a tent with multiple tables outdoors. It was well-organized, filled with great vendors, and they even provided a delicious warm lunch. (thank you, ladies!)

I enjoyed meeting all the people that came through, and explaining how I make my jewelry. I especially want to thank the people that made purchases! I felt it was a success, and I was happy to contribute to the RCS Foundation as well.

You can see I had a helper who kept me company, too. When it was done, he practically had my stuff all packed up for me! I think I will hire him again (even if he thinks it will be boring). Thanks, kiddo!

my jewelry sales table at Holiday Shopping Extravaganza sales event November 3 2012
my sales table at the Holiday Shopping Extravaganza Nov 3 2012

For more holiday shopping, be sure to check out my Etsy shop! Jewelry makes a great gift, or treat yourself!

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