October 15, 2012

this week...

first colors of autumn neighborhood trees photo by Jennifer Kistler
first fall colors
I didn't manage to finish any other blog posts, was feeling a bit under the weather for most of one week, and then been catching up on things around here since then. But this one I could totally do.

The last couple weeks found me...

discovering photos I didn't know existed (someone likes to put stuff from the secondary cameras and phones into computer folders I rarely get into), and finding some that I had wondered where they were

noticing that the midday shadows are long and the light is different as the sun moves lower in the sky

changing the bottom bed sheet to flannel (ahhh, so cozy and comfy)

learning about early pioneer life in the Northwest on a field trip (love going on school field trips with my kids!) Sooo thankful for modern conveniences

making an account of my own on Roblox because my younger son loves teaching me games he likes

reliving good memories as I made a couple scrapbook layouts (on the computer, so fun and no mess!)

digital scrapbook layout: Mother's Day at Silver Falls 2012

identifying yet another computer program I want to learn (Adobe Illustrator; it has been ages since I used a vector graphics program, and this is nothing like it!)

watching the rain fall

enjoying what felt like a mini-staycation one day while the kids were at school, which may become a weekly habit, as my husband now works most of the weekends

seeing the first winter birds arrive

fall colors on tree across the street photo by Jennifer Kistler
tree across the street yesterday

digital scrapbook layout includes these products: Persimmon collection (background paper and "Family" word art) from Scrap Girls, Roughed Up Photo Mats in Grove (photo mat, color adjusted) from Designer Digitals. No, I don't get anything from them for the mention, I just enjoy using their stuff so much I want to share it with you!

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