October 19, 2012

mixed signs (and mixed feelings) of autumn

decorative gourd in my son's hands
cute little gourd
I went on my younger son's pumpkin patch field trip this week. After the recent pouring rain, we were so thankful to have a lovely, sunny day for it! He got to pick a pumpkin and a decorative gourd. Does anyone else think this gourd looks like something that should have its fuse lit and be thrown to explode? That occurred to me as I walked by it in the kitchen, had to laugh. Of course they did other stuff, like go down the slide on the hay pyramid, and play in the hay maze and hay fort, which is why I think the kids really like the pumpkin patch! Hardly anyone else was there besides his class, which was even better.

My older son is in middle school now, and no longer gets field trips to pumpkin patches. It's bittersweet to watch your kids get older! Just when you're enjoying one stage, they move on to another. I hadn't even heard of pumpkin patches like these when I was a kid, so going with their school classes has been a treat. We may actually have to see how much a nice pumpkin costs at the local stores so he can pick one, too. Personally, I have wanted a blue one for a few years now!

my son in the pumpkin patch
picking the perfect pumpkin
It's a strange time of year, when it can rain an inch or more one day, and be lovely the next. Trees are turning and pumpkins are popping up everywhere, but my strawberry plants are still bearing the odd berry (and particularly big ones compared to the early summer berries!), and the roses are still blooming. Outside our front door are these roses, which managed to survive the recent downpours although the whole (very long) stem is seriously drooping. I almost pruned it off last week because I knew it would get knocked over by the rain, but now I'm so glad I didn't!

light pink rose blossoms photo by Jennifer Kistler 2012
roses in autumn

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