October 30, 2012

holiday sales event and etsy gift cards

single autumn fall leaf golden yellow and red on sidewalk photo by Jennifer Kistler copyright 2012
The last couple weeks found me going on a pumpkin patch field trip with my younger son (thankful that day was beautiful!), listening to the rain pouring down, enjoying the ever-changing colors of autumn, watching my older son sing in choir at his first middle school concert, having a great birthday (thank you to my family!), and finally joining Pinterest (oh, wow... more on my adventures in Pinterest later).

This week (among other things) I am preparing to vend at a local sales event. Since I haven't done much in-person selling of my jewelry, I don't have a fancy booth set-up, but I am hoping to put together a little signage, perhaps some enlargements of jewelry photos that can stand up and be seen across the room. Thankfully, this event is indoors and I'll just be setting up a table. Local readers, mark your calendar (and bring your cash!), the Holiday Shopping Extravaganza is this coming weekend, November 3 10am to 5pm at West Hills Community Church (1650 Brush College Rd NW in Salem Oregon). Though it feels like it's just fall, Christmas is not that far off, so get a start on your shopping here!

fall trees stormy sky with rainbow nature photograph by Jennifer Kistler copyright 2012
my view one day last week (fall trees with stormy skies and a rainbow)

For customers everywhere, I want to share that I now also accept Etsy's Direct Checkout. This is a feature that Etsy created earlier this year, which means if you don't want to go through PayPal, you can use Direct Checkout instead and just enter your credit card.

But that's not all! Etsy has just come out with gift cards, and because I accept Etsy's Direct Checkout, you can use Etsy gift cards in my online shop! They would make a great gift for someone you know who likes to shop Etsy, or if you would like to buy them something from my shop but aren't sure what they'd like (be sure to direct them to my shop when you give the card if that is your intent). Note that Etsy gift cards may only be purchased in the United States, though they can be given to and redeemed by someone outside the U. S. (but only at Etsy shops in the U. S. that accept Direct Checkout). Items from shops that accept Etsy gift cards are clearly marked. (see example below) People have been asking Etsy for gift cards for a while now, so this is pretty exciting!

That's it for today... and because I just can't resist, I'll leave you with one more photo of an autumn tree.

fall autumn tree golden yellow leaves photo copyright Jennifer Kistler 2012
autumn in my neighborhood

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