September 28, 2012

this week...

my well-loved little piano
Inspired by Ali Edwards' challenge, I'm trying a different kind of post (to mix in with my usual posts). I was a little late to participate in the challenge, but I love the idea, so here goes!

This week found me:

Creating jewelry. Finished up a batch of silver pieces. Got happily engrossed in turning them into finished jewelry. 

Encouraging third-graders in art making. Last school year I volunteered in my younger son's class during art and craft projects. Loved it! The teacher asked if I would help again this year even though my son has moved up to fourth grade. (of course I said Yes!) 

Listening to Owl City a lot. Yeah, I may not fit the demographic of his typical fan, but his music has a youthful joy that makes me happy. Bonus: it's clean, fun stuff that my kids like, too. Also, really moved by the Plumb song Need You Now (How Many Times), which I just discovered this week on Air 1 radio.

Singing along to above music, really loud, when no one else is home (usually while working in the kitchen).

Playing piano. Got tired of what I've played recently, and it seems early for Christmas songs, so I've been rediscovering my old The Joy Of Bach book. Forgot how soothing those orderly, rhythmic songs are. Some also have beautiful drama hidden in them.

Stressing and stewing about adversities in my personal life. Nothing new, just ongoing stuff I wish I could fix or change. Note to self: stew a little less.

Walking to and from the school and church. Partly because of good weather, and then a few extra times because one car was in the shop. (glad we live so close!)
Tasting a few wonderful, big strawberries from the backyard.

Anticipating another NASCAR race this weekend. After watching much of the awesome race that got Jeff Gordon into the championship chase, I decided to make a point of watching the rest of the races this season, just to have something fun and different to look forward to.

Talking. Open House night at school. Nice to see so many smiling faces of people I haven't had a chance to talk to in a while. Feeling more connected, happy.

sunset (caught with my phone during the school Open House)


wendy said...

love your piano pic. i may have to steal that idea sometime :)

Jennifer Kistler said...

Thanks, Wendy! Glad you stopped by my blog!

lfoster said...

Fun post. I was late in joining in too! Great idea to encourage the arts!