September 24, 2012

simple woodgrain silver

simple minimalist woodgrain texture silver disc earrings by Jennifer Kistler
minimalist silver earrings
Last week, I finished a batch of silver pieces and ran them through the kiln. This included some more ocean wave pieces that had been sitting half-done, plus some more woodgrain texture silver discs. These have been finished as earrings and listed to my Etsy shop. My goal is develop a nice collection of the woodgrain texture pieces.

Another thing I've been working on the last couple weeks is running test pieces of bronze and copper through the kiln. Bronze and copper metal clays must be fired in carbon, and they are much trickier to fire properly. I had switched to a different container for the carbon, and had to test several times to get the right combination of ramp speed (how fast the kiln heats up), target temperature, and hold time (how long the target temperature is held). I think I have arrived at the right firing formula for each metal clay. I already have some woodgrain texture pieces started in copper, and will be making various pieces in both copper and bronze very soon! There are so many possibilities with the different color metals, and thankfully these are less expensive than the silver metal clay (the price of which has stayed high, even though silver itself has gone down from where it was a while ago). I am envisioning pieces with multiple dangling fall leaves in the different colored metals. There are so many things I want to try, I wish it could all be done more quickly!

textured silver disc earrings with green aventurine stone accent by Jennifer Kistler
small textured silver disc earrings with green aventurine stone accent

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