July 18, 2012

what's blooming

Here are some things that are blooming in my yard right now. The clematis we've had for quite a few years, and every summer it brightens our little porch by the front door, growing up the corner post.

The daylilies are new. Of course now that I took the photos I realize I need to pull out some old leaves. Good thing this isn't a gardening magazine! We had a gift certificate to a nursery that we spent recently, and they were part of what we picked out. I've never had daylilies before, and I am thrilled with them. These particular ones are smaller plants than some. We planted them in a long-vacant spot in the flowerbed right by the driveway, so they will be enjoyed often. I just love the grass-like leaves and the gorgeous blooms. I'm wondering why I didn't get some years ago!


another daylily

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