July 16, 2012

underwater watercolors

nautilus (based on photo by unknown) 4 x 6" watercolor

It has been good for my boys to see me painting. They've seen me work on different projects over the years, but not painting a "regular picture". When I took time to do these little watercolors, they each got inspired to work on something creative. In addition, my younger son decided he wanted to tell me what to paint! He had me get on the internet and find some images of sea creatures I like. Here are the first two results of that project. I admit that I lost track of who to give credit to for the photographs these were based on. I usually try to capture images just as they are, but for these I made the backgrounds light instead of dark where these creatures are usually found, for a more cheerful effect. I have to say I have never painting anything like these before, and they were fun!

cuttlefish (based on photo by unknown) 4 x 6" watercolor

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