July 31, 2012

textured silver jewelry

handmade textured fine silver hoop earrings by Jennifer Kistler
textured silver hoops
Here are some pieces I worked on last week. I had done this woodgrain-like texture on some heart pendants in the past, and wanted to try it on some other basic shapes. I use a simple sculpting tool and hand-sculpt the grooves across the surface of the metal clay before cutting out the shape, so each one is unique like a fingerprint. When finished, the texture has a look that I think is both nature-inspired and modern.

I made some hoops for earrings (shown above left) which I'm keeping for myself. I have been wearing them the last several days, and I love them! I plan to make more pairs to sell. I also made small circle connectors that will have stones dangling from them, and a couple heart pendants that will hang at an angle instead of straight. Several of these will be available in my Etsy shop soon. I'm considering developing a full line of jewelry in this style. Most will be bright silver like these, and some will be oxidized (so the grooves are darkened).

handmade textured fine silver jewelry pieces by Jennifer Kistler
textured silver pieces ready to be made into jewelry


Vickie said...

that's a gorgeous texture you've created :)

Jennifer Kistler said...

Thank you, Vickie!