July 11, 2012

petite watercolors

watercolor painting by Jennifer Kistler mud hens in winter copyright 2012
mud hens in winter (based on a photo I took) 4 x 6" watercolor

When I was packing to spend a week at my parents' place with my boys recently, I wanted to bring a creative project or two to work on while I was there. After discarding the ideas that would be difficult to pack, I decided to do something I hadn't done in far too long. Paint.

I realized that, besides painting scenes on large stage flats for VBS, I hadn't actually painted a picture since my oldest son was born. Really? Maybe I'm forgetting something, but the last picture I remember painting was while I was pregnant with him, about twelve years ago. As a kid I drew a lot of pictures (mainly horses). But when I got into high school and took every art class I could, I fell in love with painting. Acrylic is my favorite because it allows for infinite fine-tuning, laying light over dark when needed, and very precise control (and all this in the hands of a perfectionist equals very long projects). I also enjoy watercolors, which better lend themselves to quick projects, at least for me. I made sure all my tubes of watercolors were still good, grabbed a little 4x6 inch pad of watercolor paper that is bound on all sides (that I had saved for years), found some suitable brushes, and I was good to go!

I figured I would do some painting from life, and also printed some photos I had taken in case I wanted something different. Here are two from the first afternoon I got my paints out. And wow, it felt so great to paint again!

watercolor painting by Jennifer Kistler Columbia River Cathlamet Bay view copyright 2012
Columbia River view (from life, July 2012) 4 x 6" watercolor

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