February 3, 2012

it's February xoxo

textured OOAK fine silver heart pendant with black Spinel beads handmade artisan necklace
heart necklace, black Spinel beads
It's February... It must be time for red and pink hearts everywhere! Ahh yes, Valentine's Day is coming. I admit I'm a bit of a romantic, and have added some new pieces to my Etsy shop that prove it. There are hearts that are a little bit bold, a little bit sweet, some are more passionate and some are more dark. My Romance necklaces are perfect for a special date. Go check them out!

Yesterday I finished the piece shown. It features one of my woodgrain hearts that I textured by hand, strung with black Spinel beads. Black Spinel has always intrigued me and I finally got to work with some. Spinel is a natural stone that comes in many colors, a color similar to ruby probably being the most known. In fact, many so-called rubies, including the Black Prince's Ruby and the Timur Ruby of the British Crown Jewels, are actually Spinel. Until recent times, they were easily confused. I love the look of black Spinel. It is opaque jet black, and when faceted, it has an awesome sparkle. Some Spinel on the market is luster-coated for extra sheen, but I prefer the natural beauty which is quite amazing. It was fun to combine these sparkly hand-cut beads with the textured heart pendant, I think the result has a bit of glam and a bit of edgy style to it.

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