February 22, 2011

horse & nature jewelry in progress

I just took all my recently completed silver metal clay pieces to be fired. And wow, I got back from my errands just before a dark cloud came in! As I write this, I am cozy indoors, and it is pouring rain mixed with ice/snow outdoors. Not that I'd have a problem with that, I am a native Oregonian after all (and rarely use an umbrella). But getting in and out of the truck several times without getting wet is always good!

Anyway, I promised in my last post I would show you what I have been working on. Plenty of pendants, plus a couple bracelet links, and a pair of earring components. Some are familiar designs done in different variations, and some are newer designs. They will end up in my Etsy shop once they are oxidized, polished, and incorporated into finished jewelry (some with special stone beads). Here they are shown after the final sanding and refining, before getting fired in a special kiln that will burn off the binder and leave them solid .999 Fine Silver.

February 18, 2011

getting things done

I just completed a big batch of silver jewelry pieces, mostly horses, and some of my ocean wave design (different sizes, with and without the funky sun), and the first plumeria flower. And I'm feeling pretty good about it! See, I have no trouble starting things, but sometimes have trouble finishing them. With the silver metal clay, I can get bogged down in the last steps before firing, as I do a lot of refining and sanding (since I'm particular like that). I know I'm not alone in this phenomenon, because I once heard that most DIY home improvement projects are abandoned when they're 90% done. What a shame! But I told myself I was not going to take any of them to be fired until I finished all of the pieces I started recently, and it worked! I finished the last ones this afternoon. And I can't wait to make them into finished jewelry! I seriously need to apply this way of thinking to more of my projects. 

A few weekends ago I was doing some hammered wire stuff, and when I goofed on an intended design, I salvaged it by turning it into the swirl with the Turquoise (shown above). Then I got kind of excited about this, and made more. I love swirly designs, they have a happy feeling. So I now have several swirl pendants to which I added various stone bead dangles from my stash. They need their own chains, and then will be offered for sale. The Turquoise one I intended to keep for myself, but I can't decide. They are, from left to right: Kingman Turquoise, Pink Opal (great feminine quality to this group of pale pink beads), Sodalite nugget, Blue Pietersite (this photo doesn't show it, but it has wonderful blue chatoyancy, and if you flip the bead over, it has a big patch of chatoyant red!), Jade (not sure it is a true Jade), and lastly a dark forest green Ocean Jasper that has tiny sparkles of what would be druzy crystals that are just below the polished surface. Sorry, got carried away with all those great stone beads!

And just for fun, I'm sharing a photo I took of the moon back in January. I thought it turned out pretty well, except the sky had a lot of grainy "color noise", so I edited it in Photoshop. I like that you can see the craters and other shadowing. One of the better moon photos I've managed to take!

Check back soon, I will be sharing a preview of the silver pieces I recently completed. Until then, take care, and for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm and dry!