December 7, 2011

Jack Frost

oak tree in the fog photo copyright Jennifer Kistler 2011
Wow, how did it get to be December already? Our tree is decorated and the lights are on the house, but my blog needs to catch up! I want to post to my blog more often, but then I'm afraid I don't have enough to say. (If you know me in person, I know that will sound ridiculous to you!) It's not that I lack thoughts or words, I just worry they are not blog-worthy that day. But I'm here to announce that I'm kicking that idea out of my head, and for better or worse, I'm going to post what I come up with more often! Some days may just be links to Etsy treasuries I like, or other blog posts I enjoyed, or simple comments or photos, and I will also continue to give you the occasional peek into my studio and keep you updated on my work.

Today I want to talk about the weather. I know, shallow topic, but yesterday we had very odd weather here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I used to hear that if there's fog, there can't be ice, but I already knew that wasn't true. If you still think that's true, yesterday's weather will disprove that theory once and for all.

The photos I'm sharing were taken around 2pm yesterday, though they look more like a foggy morning. This was the first time I have seen fog and frost last all day. It was cold and never got very bright, a little taste of what I imagine it's like to live in the Arctic Circle in winter. Okay, I know it's nothing even close to that, but that's what it made me think of. The fog and frost just did not want to let go. Yesterday was also the first time I have set out to purposely take photos in the fog. I've seen some fabulous ones, just never thought to take any myself. These were all taken right in my neighborhood. I love how the oak tree by my kids' school (and our church) looks a bit eerie through the fog, and the frost really brings out the design of the spiderweb.

frosty spiderweb photo copyright Jennifer Kistler 2011

frost on plants in foggy field photo copyright Jennifer Kistler 2011


SoulsFireDesigns said...

The weather was AMAZING yesterday! I loved it, it was just gorgeous :) Lovely photos!

Jennifer Kistler said...

Thank you!