October 12, 2011

plants for beauty

maple leaf in silver
My sons don't spend as much time pursuing artistic activities as I might have expected. We have plenty of art supplies in the house, and when the artistic urge strikes them, they do a pretty nice job (and they are very creative with their LEGO building sometimes). I smiled when I read a paper my younger son brought home from school. It said to name two ways you depend on plants. One might expect answers like "oxygen" and "food". Apparently, they had some examples to choose from. In his newly-learned cursive writing skills, he neatly wrote his favorite choices: "I depend on plants for paper. I depend on plants for beauty." That definitely came from the heart of an artist!

And I just had to share the maple leaf necklace I listed on Etsy today, shown above left. It features a really neat stone called Andalusite which is is pleochroic, meaning it can appear to be different colors in different light. It ranges from a rosy smoke brown color to a subtle olive green. It looks great paired with an open neckline top (like a generous V-neck) in autumn or neutral colors. It is not limited to your fall wardrobe either, its subdued tones are suitable for year-round wear, and I think the design feels like a great blend of unique and feminine. The one shown never really made it to my Etsy shop, I was so in love with it that I kept it for myself. However, since I have more of these beads, I'm offering it as a made-to-order item. I just adore this stone, it is so intriguing! Have I mentioned lately how much I love stone beads?!

Before I close, here are some plants to supply you with some beauty today! 

plumeria photo by Jennifer Kistler

redwood trees Sequoia Park Eureka California photo by Jennifer Kistler
redwood trees

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