October 4, 2011

changing of the seasons

maple leaf necklace in recycled fine silver with Owyhee Oregon Jasper on Etsy by Jennifer Kistler
leaf in silver with owyhee jasper
Well, it seems summer has left as suddenly as it came here in the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to share some photos I took outside last week, and that sunshine seems so long ago now that I'm getting ready to post them on my blog! The flowers below are now drooping from the rain. I did see a most amazing tree today while driving around town, intensely bright changing leaves. Have to go back with my camera. Commence fall tree photo season! And rainy weather complaining. The kids have already started. Since they are finally really into riding their bikes, I can't say I blame them.

I've been getting more finished jewelry photographed and listed in my Etsy shop. I recently had larger leaf image stamps made, to account for the higher shrinkage rate of the bronze and copper clay. It will also allow for larger designs in silver than previously available, I'm looking forward to using them! Soon I'll be gearing up for Christmas shopping season, especially creating more horse designs, hearts, etc., and hopefully adding copper and bronze pieces, too. Also, I am pondering a design to create for the Fire Mountain Gems metal clay jewelry contest. I wanted to enter last year, but missed the deadline. I'm hoping to make it this year!

sky scenery photo copyright Jennifer Kistler
looking up through the albizia in my backyard
(which is finally starting to grow into a real tree!)

flowers by backyard pond photo copyright Jennifer Kistler
flowers and japanese blood grass by our small pond
(love our little pond, it seems to attract a lot of dragonflies in the summer)

flower photo copyright Jennifer Kistler
flower macro shot

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