October 28, 2011

fall ramblings

unique horse necklace handmade in recycled fine silver with jasper stone beads
wild pony with jasper stones
Fall, autumn, whatever you call it, it's beautiful. And goes by too quickly. On sunny days the shadows are so long, makes summer seem so long ago. Both boys' pumpkin patch field trips are done. Our neighbor's tree was green one day and bright golden yellow the next, or so it seemed. The weather is changing fast, too. We are trying to take advantage of the nice days, like when we went for a bike ride around the neighborhood, and I remembered to take my camera finally. I'm also sneaking in some last yard work (mainly more weeding, ugh!) before winter. And it seems a bit early for around here to be scraping ice off the windshield in the morning, but maybe I just feel like we're being rushed through the seasons this year.

I had so many more ideas for fall jewelry I wanted to make, I will have to start earlier next year. I'm working on stocking my Etsy shop for Christmas gift shopping, and hope you will find something that is just right for that special person on your list. Or treat yourself! More jewelry with horses, hearts, and plumeria, is coming. I recently realized I haven't made much with my cantering Friesian horse (the fairy tale horse!) for a while, and there is nothing left with him in my shop. So I will have to remedy that. Also, if you're looking for nice winter theme jewelry, I already have several snowflake pieces in my shop, a great touch for those holiday parties! Can you believe those will be coming soon enough?

my family on a bike ride around the neighborhood
my boys bike riding on a beautiful fall day

autumn trees
fall trees... I just can't resist taking photos of them!

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