September 13, 2011

the sun and the moon

orange sunstone fall leaf charm necklace in fine and sterling silver by Jennifer Kistler
leaf charm with sunstone accent
I recently acquired a strand of Sunstone, a cheerful sunny stone with an orange appearance. I think it makes a very interesting stone to use in autumn jewelry. It is transparent with coppery flecks inside. I chose one of the larger beads from the strand to accent this tiny leaf charm necklace (at left). The photo didn't quite capture its glitter-like sparkles. Sunstone is the official stone of Oregon, but the Oregon Sunstone I have seen is more transparent, I think the reflective particles are smaller and create more of an inner sheen (called schiller) than a glittery effect. I think this stone would look fabulous with bronze and copper, too. I just love working with stone beads, learning a little about them, and finding an excuse to use them!

As I type this, my kiln is firing a bronze test piece. The base metals are tricky to fire, so as recommended, I am finding out exactly how it fires in my kiln before attempting any real jewelry pieces. Copper will be tested next. Kind of nervous and excited to see how it turns out!

It always seems sneaky of the moon to come up while it is still light outside. I wanted to share some photos I took a few days ago, in different parts of the sky at the same time of evening.

moon sunset sky nature photograph by Jennifer Kistler

sunset sky nature photograph by Jennifer Kistler

If I hadn't gone outside just then, I would have missed this pretty sky. Always keep your eye out for the beauty that is around you!

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