September 23, 2011

a new look for fall

fine silver maple leaf necklace
I have noticed leaves starting to turn on a few trees around town, so it really must be the beginning of fall! Hope we have some weeks of nice weather left still, since summer was so late coming here. Today is gorgeous.

The bronze metal clay test was successful, and I am in love with that stuff! Watch for the first finished pieces in bronze in a few weeks. I am having issues with the copper, but I will be trying a different brand (same brand as the bronze, so I'm hopeful!) next week. I don't give up that easily!

If you have been to my blog before, you'll notice I recently gave it a makeover! While I felt right at home with the previous style, I realized it could have been distracting or overwhelming to the contents. Also, I have been considering if a different look  might better support the style/theme/materials of my jewelry. So I decided to go with the look you see now. I was aiming for kraft paper plus clean white, with touches of color to keep it alive. I will be doing the same with my web site as I revamp it, as well. I have already redesigned my packaging, shown below.


Susan said...

Very classy packaging!!!

Jennifer Kistler said...

Thank you, Susan! :-)