September 7, 2011

back to school already

Maple Leaf autumn earrings in fine and sterling silver on Etsy
maple leaf earrings in fine silver
Wow, just when it felt like summer had finally arrived, it was time to send the kids back to school! Yesterday was their first day. I think I was the only mom who didn't take "first day of school" photos. And I scrapbook (digital mainly these days). But to be honest, I can only focus on so much at a time, I am not a multi-tasker. I am also not a morning person. My goals were to have their things ready the night before (check), wake up earlier than I think I need to (check), get everyone a good breakfast and get myself ready on time (check), and take them all the way - wait for it - around the corner to school at a good time (check). So while I'm feeling a little guilty about the photo thing, the morning was a success, the boys had a good first day, and that is what's important!

Since I work at home and don't use childcare, the school year makes a big difference in my work schedule. So it's back to a regular work day (and more frequent blogging) while they are at school, and I have plenty of things lined up! Things I thought I'd get done during the summer. Things I want to get done before the holidays. And all sorts of things in between.

Right now I'm finishing up more autumn leaves jewelry, and will be venturing into bronze and copper metal clay very shortly! I think the autumn leaf designs will be great in copper, and I'd also like to create some pieces with leaves in all three metals (silver, bronze, copper). I am looking forward to creating designs in different metals. And working with materials that aren't quite so intimidating from a cost standpoint. I will continue to create in fine silver as well, so don't worry if that's your favorite, or if you have sensitivities to other metals! Also, I picked up some neat stone beads this summer that I can't wait to use, so you'll be seeing those in some upcoming pieces.

A few weeks ago we went to Ankeny Wildlife Reserve, which is not very far south of Salem (Oregon). It has a neat long boardwalk through marsh and trees, surrounded by fields. It was set up to protect the Dusky Canada Geese that winter in the Willamette Valley (along with native plants and other creatures), and we decided we want to go back later this fall when the geese have arrived. We did enjoy the boardwalk, along with sightings of smaller wildlife such as frogs, dragonflies, ladybugs, grasshoppers, and a brown fuzzy caterpillar!

ladybug on wildflower nature photograph by Jennifer Kistler
ladybug on flower, Ankeny Wildlife Reserve, August 2011

my son catching a grasshopper this summer
catching a grasshopper

my son catching a grasshopper this summer
boys like bugs! and bugs seem to like Steven.

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