June 3, 2011

summer plans

recycled fine silver woodgrain heart necklace by Jennifer Kistler
It is hard to believe another whole school year is done. I think I would be oblivious to the passage of time if it weren't for quickly-growing kids to remind me! The last few weeks of school were busy with activities, including a good field trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland, track meet (it was sunny this year, thank you, God!), spring program (snagged a great seat and could actually see and and hear everything for once, and it was very entertaining), and finished up with an end-of-year pool party (which did get rained on, but the kids had fun anyway). And so my blog has been a little neglected.

My boys are now out of school for summer, and we're settling into the routine. Well, I still need to get into a routine that includes more work. This first week of summer break has involved some serious cleaning through a few things (such as the embarrassing volume of toys that had gotten quite messy and disorganized), so the rest of the summer will be more enjoyable.

Another area I am cleaning this week is my corner of the garage, where my metal clay kiln will be set up soon. Along with finishing some other big projects, I hope to get busy this summer making lots of new jewelry pieces! I'm also experimenting with some new photo setups for my jewelry, mainly using a stained piece of wood that is not dark like the leather I was using, plus some natural props like the rock from the beach shown in the photo above.

Otherwise, our plans for summer include the boys having friends over often, going to the splash fountains at Riverfront Park on hot days, testing for Black Belt Second Degree in Taekwondo, visiting my parents near Astoria. And hopefully go to Lincoln City and Silver Falls, if we can overcome the guilt of spending so much money just on gas to drive places! So, what's on your list for summer?

shown above: woodgrain textured heart in bright Fine Silver on natural leather cord, to be listed in my Etsy shop soon.

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