June 13, 2011

Glorious Dragonflies

I'm not much of an insect person, in fact bugs are a major thing I dislike about summer. I dread the rest of the weeding I need to do, now that the bugs are really out. However, I love dragonflies. Love their beautiful colors, shimmery wings, and the fact that they eat mosquitoes. I see quite a few in our backyard during the summer, zipping through the air, and resting by our tiny pond. Lat week, as my family and I were walking down our block, we saw the most amazing huge black and light blue dragonfly resting on the sidewalk, of all places. We almost stepped on it! After staring for a bit, we convinced it to move to a safer place (it flew off). I realized I have accumulated quite a few dragonfly favorites on Etsy, and decided my next treasury would feature them. Go check out these pieces by some great artists! And yes, someday there may be a dragonfly design in my jewelry.

dragonfly art photos jewelry accessories by artists on Etsy

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Susan said...

Gorgeous Jennifer! I'm not really a bug person either, and yup, I dread gardening much after this time of year because the bugs (especially spiders!) get too big. But I've always thought of dragonflies as almost a talisman of mine. They seem to cross my path at important times in my life. Really nice treasury!