May 3, 2011

change can be opportunity

horse head bracelet in silver, jasper
Metal clay is a very innovative material, allowing one to form it with hands and tools when moist (like a very finicky ceramics clay). When fired in a special kiln, the organic binder burns off and the remaining .999 Fine Silver particles are fused ("sintered") together. Certain pieces can also be fired with a handheld torch. Some jewelry artists have mastered it, but I just don't think it's for me!

Recently I lost access to a kiln. I figured someday I would buy my own, and apparently someday has arrived sooner than I expected! It's an expense I wasn't really ready for, but I'm not ready to quit making this metal clay jewelry either. So, now my very own metal clay kiln has been ordered, along with all the goodies to use it.

There are many quotes about trouble or problems being opportunity in disguise. I am calling it change. And I am very excited! Why? Because with my own kiln, I will be able to try more things than before (not to mention saving gas and time not driving to drop off and pick up my pieces). In my previous arrangement, I could only fire ArtClay Silver. I'm really looking forward to trying ArtClay Copper and FastFire Bronzclay. Just like they sound, they are Copper or Bronze metal clays. That way I can offer my jewelry in different color metals. And at different price points, as the price of silver has gone through the roof.

I hope you will be excited about this change, too! Watch for not only more new Silver pieces, but hopefully Copper and Bronze jewelry, also!

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