April 19, 2011

January (oops, I mean April) at the beach

Even though the trees have blossomed, my maples are budding out, and my tulips are blooming, it doesn't feel much like spring yet. It has been so wet and cold, we keep thinking it's still winter here in the Pacific Northwest. I have to check the calendar sometimes to be sure I know what month we're in!

When we went to the beach last Sunday, it was very cold and windy. But just being near the ocean feels good. As I mentioned before, we had fun looking at rocks. And the boys had fun playing with the waves (being forever reminded not to turn their back on the ocean). Note the heavy coats and boots. No mistaking this beach for Hawaii! I realized I didn't share all the photos I meant to in my previous post, so here are the rest, just for fun.


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