April 7, 2011

inspiration for my art and jewelry

Inspiration... That was the theme of a recent challenge hosted by a member of the Christian Artists Street Team (CAST) on Etsy. Immediately a favorite quote came to mind, and I decided to make a jewelry piece to enter. I made a dog tag style pendant, used my wave image, and carved in my favorite quote.

"Nature is the art of God" 
- Dante Alighieri 

I love that quote because it sums up the inspiration for my art. Whether it be painting, sculpting, photography, or jewelry designs, I find no better inspiration than the amazing, beautiful wonder of nature. Large scenic views, or the intricate designs of leaves, and horses (of course!), I am drawn to it over and over. Nothing compares to God's awesome creation, but I hope to capture a little bit of it so it can be enjoyed, in our homes, or wherever we go!

I like the idea of this pendant, and now I'm considering doing a series of them, with my other designs (like a flower, leaf, snowflake, etc.)

You can vote for your favorite on Sue Anderson's blog, be sure to scroll down past the prizes to the "Here Are Our Amazing Entries" heading! There are quite a few, all different types of items, representing inspiration to the artist/crafter.

So, what inspires you?

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