March 5, 2011

a wee bit o' Irish

I love learning about history when it is relevant somehow, like when it relates to my ancestry. Growing up, I was told there was Irish in my heritage somewhere, but I didn't think we could say for sure. Until last year, when I received a family genealogy book and flipped through the pages. My favorite new discovery was that an ancestor named Abraham Pike (described as a brawny red-head) came from Ireland to America to fight with the British in the Revolutionary War. He was injured, and after recovering, he joined with George Washington to fight on the American side. So there it was, proof that I am a wee bit Irish. And maybe that's where my reddish hair came from, too.

As the Irish holiday honoring St. Patrick approaches, everyone is more aware of that part of the world. Celtic knots have been around for many centuries, and make very intriguing design elements. It seems a fitting time of year to offer some new jewelry with celtic knot accents. A while ago I had purchased some petite triangle shaped celtic knot links to make earrings, and this year I put them to use. I made several pair with Swarovski crystal beads, in green of course, and also blue, violet, and red. (Like them, but want a different color? Let me know!). I also have a new celtic knot jade necklace that, while very simple, I am so pleased with how it turned out (shown above). If you like celtic knot designs like I do, be sure to see all my celtic knot jewelry, which is on sale through St. Patty's Day! And I couldn't resist putting together a treasury on Etsy of some other neat celtic knot items by other artisans. Check them out, and don't forget to wear your green! (and I think I'll have to watch Leap Year again for a little fun, romance, and beautiful Irish scenery!)

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