March 18, 2011

sign of spring

cherry blossom nature photograph
The neighbors behind us have a large ornamental cherry tree, just over our fence. I just love that tree in spring, when it bursts into bloom with it's lovely soft pink blossoms. This week, I observed it from my kitchen window slowly but surely unfolding it's blossoms. You would think it would wait until the sun came out. But here it is, bringing cheer amidst a week of torrential downpours. A welcome sign that spring will indeed come!

Then last night we had an almost full moon, and the sky was actually clear enough to see it. Just some thin, low clouds were quickly passing over the face of the moon, giving each photo a different look as I snapped many frames. Here's one of my favorites.

full moon March 2011 nature photograph

On a more serious note, I am considering donating a portion of jewelry sales to Japan tsunami relief. I just need to learn the proper way to set that up through Etsy, and choose a reliable relief organization. I am planning to do it on specific jewelry items, such as pieces with my new ocean wave design. I have one in my shop right now (shown below, but it's not set up for donating funds yet), and quite a few almost ready. Most are just the wave (without the sun), and include circle pendants, and even a pair of bold earrings. I just had this idea today, and wanted to share. If you like this design, and want to give to a good cause at the same time, stay tuned for new listings in the next week or two!

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