January 12, 2011

new thoughts, new options

My first sale of 2011 was this necklace featuring my image of an Andalusian performing the advanced dressage movement piaffe (a trot in place). It was a semi-custom order. The buyer knew which design she wanted (and it was something I was making more of), and then chose a stone dangle to accent it. She settled on a natural Amethyst stone bead (this one has some intriguing white banding, I love it).

This process worked out well, and inspired me to offer some options on certain jewelry pieces in the future. In coming months, watch for listings in my Etsy shop for similar necklaces with options to add various stone, crystal, or pearl accents. Several different designs will have this option. I will show choices I think would work well with the piece, and the buyer will choose one (or none, if they prefer). I believe this will be a good addition to my jewelry line. And isn't it fun, as a buyer, to have some input into the finished piece?

Before I go today, I want to share a photo of a recent sunrise. I am reluctantly up before the sun in the winter, and occasionally I'm blessed with a colorful view as I prepare breakfast. This one happens to be from the morning of my husband's birthday last week.

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