January 14, 2011

it's all about the heart

It's that time of year, gearing up for Valentine's gift-giving, hearts are everywhere! And I can't resist creating some myself. I made some heart earrings earlier this week, after being inspired one evening. I came up with a couple ways to form hearts from wire. The hammered-wire circle I made for a recent horse necklace (see photo in this post) gave me the idea to make some of my silver hearts and surround them with shaped and hammered wire also. But before I could make some solid hearts to use, I decided to go with just the wire shape and make some lightweight earrings. They are accented with lovely red crystal drops.

I occasionally like to venture into wire work beyond connecting parts of jewelry. And hammering is a good way to get out a little frustration. (Like being upset that your child broke off a good portion of a permanent tooth. I try so hard to keep my boys in one piece!) And it makes a nice texture that has a subtle sparkle. First, I used the flat end of the jewelry hammer to flatten out the sides of the heart, then used the small round end to create the almost faceted-looking texture. They're not perfect, but then that's part of the charm of handmade. At least that's what I tell myself when I start to fret over teeny things, being the perfectionist that I am!

And this is a good time to remind my readers that if you would like to order a custom heart charm with a couple's initials, please do so within the next few weeks. Silver pieces go through many steps from start to finish, and I want to get them shipped in time for Valentine's Day for you. The studio is stocked with chain and metal clay, so I'm ready! Click on the image for all custom heart charm listings in my Etsy shop.You can get one as a necklace, or as a charm only (great for adding to your own chain or keepsake charm bracelet). Also great for wedding or anniversary gifts. If you want to order more than one, just let me know!

Have a great weekend!

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