January 3, 2011

a bright new year

heart necklace (will be for sale)

It was a beautiful, sunny winter day today. The shadows were long, the air crisp, and the sky an intense bright blue. The day felt bright and hopeful, like 2011 is getting off to a good start. January can feel like the gloomy doldrums between Christmas and spring, but not today!

The kids went back in school. I did assorted things that have needed to get done. I stayed on-task instead of getting sort of lost as I sometimes do during the day, which was a great feeling. I unzipped and organized some digital scrapbooking files while relaxing after the morning rush. Repaired some stuffed animals. Finished up a batch of the soft flannel pockets and pouches I ship most my jewelry in. Edited some photos. Listed a new version of my custom heart charms featuring a clasp for clip-on ease. Ate lunch. Then I headed outside to take advantage of the bright sun and take photos of some new jewelry. My hands and toes were cold by the time I was done, but it was so good to get outside! I filled up a memory card. (well, that's not hard with this old camera) Then I took my camera with me as I picked up my boys from school. We live close enough to their school that we can walk, so we often do when the weather is nice. Took some more photos on the way home. Talked with the kids about their good first day back at school. Loaded photos onto computer. Chose which of the hundreds I will use. I hope I can keep the momentum up all week (or how about all year?!), I have many more projects awaiting my attention!

Happy New Year!

walking home from school in the winter sunshine (a nice change!)

bare winter tree next door
(some of my leaf jewelry was based on leaves from this tree)

horse head in circle necklace
(to be added to my Etsy shop)

leaves with moss agates and fancy jasper necklace
(to be added to my Etsy shop)

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