December 30, 2010

snow (or not)

We were enjoying Christmas time quite nicely, and were about to celebrate my older son's birthday, when an unlucky couple of us fell victim to some miserable virus. Ugh! Since there were things I still wanted to do, even though they would be late, I feel like the holiday got cut short. And now we're going to abruptly transition into the New Year. Oh well, life happens. But now I am back in the studio, puttering around today, taking care of some business and playing on the computer. It has been trying to snow here; yesterday it was coming down beautifully but was just too warm and wet for any snow to stick. I wanted to make another treasury on Etsy, so I was inspired to choose a snow theme. I picked a variety of items I have discovered through the winter season, from the serious to the fun! Check it out!

Have a safe and happy New Year's! I wish everyone a great 2011.

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