December 25, 2010

the glow of the season

I hope your holiday season is filled with blessings. Ours has been good, but busy, and I still didn't get everything done or made that I planned. And I didn't think I was that ambitious this year! But for me, Christmas isn't going to be done and over just because December 25th has passed. Our tree is fake so we can enjoy it for as long as we want, I still plan to make candied almonds (they get coated with a crusty glaze of brown sugar with cinnamon and vanilla, yum!), and I have a few more gifts to finish up (including a few more jewelry pieces).

I think my favorite thing about Christmas decorations is the lights. They bring such a cheerful sparkle to the darker days and long evenings. I especially love the glow of the Christmas tree late in the evening. When the kids have gone to sleep and everything is quiet and calm, I love to just sit by the tree with no other lights on. It feels peaceful, and something else. It's not that the tree is so important, there's just this feeling I can't quite put into words. Perhaps it's a comfort, a reverence, a deep satisfaction in the true meaning of Christmas. It finds me there, in the glow of the lights in the darkness, maybe like the glow of the special star over the stable that night in Bethlehem. I don't like to turn off the lights, I want to linger there and soak it up. I want the feeling to last more than just a moment, I want to carry it with me always. Soon enough we'll be starting a new year and all the plans and busyness that go with it, but for now, I'm enjoying the glow of Christmas.

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